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Landlords Inspections

Landlords gas safety inspections prices 

Landlords gas safety inspections between £55 and £90 depending upon number of appliances and the distance of the property from Basingstoke.

It’s a legal requirement for landlords to have all gas appliances, pipework, chimneys and flues checked every 12 months to make sure the property they’re renting out is safe for their tenants.

Once this check has been completed, you will get your Certificate.You’ll need to provide a copy to your tenants within 28 days and you’ll need to give one to new tenants when they move in.

Make sure you keep hold of old certificates as They need to be kept for at least two years.

It’s really important that the check is only carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, or you won’t receive the proper legal certification.

What’s included in the Gas Safety Certificate check?

Your Gas Safe engineer will carry out the following inspections, before you get your Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate for the year. 

They will:

  • check the installation for gas tightness
  • check for the satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation
  • test the flue flow for the removal of products of combustion
  • check that safety devices work properly
  • check for any misuse of gas devices or items