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Worcester Bosch Boilers Specialist 

I mainly install Worcester Boilers as they have a proven record of quality and reliability. A reliable Heating System comes from the sum of all the parts in it, the boiler may come with an 8-10 year warranty but this can be let down by old pumps, motorised valves, controls, poor system design etc, it is important to upgrade those components too.


Looking after Your New Boiler

The life of your boiler is dependent on the care you give it. If preventative measures haven’t been put in place your heating system could suffer.

Annual Service (To Comply With The Manufacturer’s Warranty)

Prevention is better than cure, and an annual service from your Gas Safe engineer is going to help spot potential problems, before they develop into real problems. And, if you want to comply with the warranty terms and conditions from most boiler brands, you’ll need to get one anyway.

Central Heating Inhibitor

Over time, the water in your heating system gets dirty. It’s a mixture of minerals in water, as well as rust breaking from the inside of your radiators. Dosing your heating system with inhibitor will protect the system and prevent further damage.

Magnetic System Filters and scale inhibitors 

Magnetic system filter will catch the rust particles from the radiators and prevent damage to the heat exchanger and pump. Most boiler installers will fit a magnetic boiler filter as standard. If you know you’re in a hard water area and are considering a combi boiler a limescale reducing filter or water softener is essential.